Adding your own images

Remember that if you use images that you didn’t create yourself, you can use the caption tool to let your reader know where you got the image (informal attribution).

You can also tell the reader if you did create the image yourself.

I used this photo of corn for my background image because in the summer, it is the backdrop to my life. Also, it reminded me of the film we watched in class.

I took this photo of corn.

The banner images I used are both photos that remind me of home.

To use the caption to give information about your photos, go to Media, select the photo you want to caption, and write your information in the caption area on the right menu. The caption will show up every time you use this photo.

Photo of the cat in the window.

The cat in the window. I took this picture with my phone.


Flower in the windowsill

This flower bloomed in my windowsill. I took the photo myself.

I took this photo of our timber viewed over the tops of a cornfield in high summer.

Ursula the dog.

This is my dog, Ursula.
Image from the blog,