How to upload a PDF

Format for Annotated Bibliography

revision reflections

You don’t want to upload your papers as .doc files or .docx files because that would force your readers to download your paper onto their computer, and it might not open up just the way you want it to. Instead upload your essays as PDFs.

  • First, create a pdf of your essay.
  • Upload your pdf to your page using the + button. You will see a pop up box over the plus sign. Select “Browse All.”
  • Another pop up box will appear on the left of the page. Select the file icon.
  • Then you can create a link on your page for your pdf, which will then open cleanly, like this: my-pdf
  • Here is another pdf: links
  • and another: revision reflections
  • After you’ve uploaded your pdf to your page, you’ll see a link that will lead to your pdf. If you click on the link in your editor, an editing box will come up. Click on the pencil to get the link options button.
  • when the link options open up, you can change the name of your pdf link if you like.
  • You can also select “open link in a new tab.” I highly recommend this so your reader doesn’t have to use the back button to return to your page. If you don’t make this selection, they will lose your whole page when they close that pdf.