*Acknowledgements and Citations

You will, of course, acknowledge your sources. You can do it in several ways.

For the essays and homework, you need an MLA format works cited page. (You should already have one on your essay, so if you simply upload the whole thing, you don’t need any further action.) Remember that you don’t need to cite images you created yourself, like photos, for example. However, you should clearly state that this is your own work (maybe with a caption). Here are some options for acknowledging images and media that you didn’t create yourself:

  • You could create a tab with a list of informal acknowledgments.
  • For any images, movies, audiofiles, etc that you did not create yourself, an informal citation is fine. You can make a list on the Citations tab, or on individual images with a caption, like this:
  • You can create an MLA style works cited page for all the images in your site. Then create a pdf and upload it to a separate page that you might call “Citations and Acknowledgments” or “Works Cited.
  • “Special notes on images in the banner or background placement:
    • Captions won’t show up for those.You could create a special page with thumbnails of all the media you didn’t create yourself. Captions will show up on those thumbnails. You could also show where you placed these images.
  • I got this comic from a webpage. I emailed to the author, and he kindly gave me permission to use this comic.

    Email from the creator of the comic.

    In some cases, it’s easy to obtain permission!

Photo of the cat in the window.

The cat in the window. I took this picture with my phone.

Poster: "Twelve Well-Known Varieties of Chickens

Here is a vintage poster from Wikimedia Commons. It was created by Artemas Ward. It is in the public domain.

This is my dog, Cullen. I took this photo.
Ursula the dog.
This is my dog, Ursula. Image from the blog, letterfrombirdland.blogspot.co