Summer & Fall 2024 Course Recommendations

It’s time to get excited for Summer and Fall courses! Each semester we receive many questions from pre-law students regarding courses helpful in preparation for law school in advance of course registration.  Pre-Law Advising has made a helpful chart with suggested classes pre-law students might find useful and interesting in planning and exploring a legal education to assist in this process.

In general, students interested in going to law school should take classes that focus on analytical and critical thinking, communication, research and writing, and when possible – legal topics of interest. The recommended course list includes classes from many different disciplines that might serve one, or more, of these goals. Take a look at the chart to find courses that are both interesting to you and will help build the necessary skills for law school.

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Please keep in mind that these lists should not be viewed as exhaustive as there are many beneficial courses offered each semester.  These lists should be used to highlight courses of particular

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See what fellow Pre-Law Illini say are some of their favorite pre-law-related courses at Illinois…

Ben Richardson

Ben is currently the Class of 2026 Representative of the PLAS Advisory Council. He shared the following perspectives on his favorite pre-law-related course in the fall…

BADM 300 – The Legal Environment of Business – I found the course very engaging and interesting, and many of the concepts are very relevant to a career in the legal field, especially for corporate law. The class covers contract law, torts, labor laws, and a large variety of other relevant topics. The professor is very knowledgeable and makes the lectures interesting for students by providing real world examples and using his career in the legal field to illustrate concepts. Overall, I would highly recommend BADM 300 for anyone interested in business law and think it’s a great class. It introduces a wide variety of basics in law and gives students a foundation that I think is useful. On top of this, the class has an excellent discussion section each week, which allows students to practice speaking about legal issues in front of a class.

Here is a list of Previous Course recommendations by Pre-law students:

Sarine Kalayjian

Sarine is currently the At-Large Representative of the PLAS Advisory Council and the Secretary of the Women’s Undergraduate Law Society. Here are her perspectives on her list of favorite pre-law-related courses…

  • PS 230 – Intro to Political Research – This class taught me about the fundamentals of scholarly research, including the various components that must be considered when conducting your own research. I learned about the research/writing process, which can help pre-law students become familiar with how to formally write a research paper.
  • PS 220 – Intro to Public Policy – For those interested in both law and public policy, this course provides a broad overview of the various elements of American public policy. It could be useful to pre-law students because it shows how laws and domestic public policies merge in current events.

Daryl Salinas

Daryl is currently the At-Large Representative of the PLAS Advisory Council and Vice President of the Minority Association for Future Attorneys. She shared the following perspective on her favorite pre-law-related courses…

  • LAW 303 – Living the Law I loved this course because it explores different fields within the law, such as property law, criminal law, and family law. Also, at the end of the week, you are given a case to analyze, discuss, and rule on. Overall, it is a great course for any student who is even slightly interested in law. Additionally, the course is taught by Professor Jennifer Pahre, a law professor, and law students, so you will be able to form connections and ask them law-related questions!
  • PS 370 – Justice in the Law The professor (Ben Miller) is passionate about what he teaches, which makes you want to learn more about the topics! In this course, you will learn about various Supreme Court cases as well as different ethical philosophies. You will utilize what you have learned to write briefs over Supreme Court cases. It opens up a new perspective on how we view Supreme Court cases and their rulings.

Ashley Winters

Ashley is currently the Alumni Representative of the PLAS Advisory Council. These are his favorite pre-law-related courses…

  • PS 302 – The US Constitution II – This course, run by Professor Cho, is incredibly beneficial. The structure of the class and exam format are similar to those students can expect in law school. I also found the material covered to be interesting and thought-provoking.

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