Summer Tips for Prelaw Students!

The summer is an excellent time to reconnect, gain new experiences, move forward with your academic progress, or simply relax and rejuvenate.  With the summer officially underway, this is an excellent time to evaluate your goals for the summer and set some priorities as they relate to your prelaw plans.

You have completed another academic year and it is something to be celebrated.  This summer spend some time planning and considering the following:

    • Is your academic curriculum set (major/minors)? Do some research as there is an incredibly diverse set of programs to choose from at Illinois!
    • How is your academic performance? Now is the time to evaluate and reflect.  What worked and helped you succeed? If you experienced challenges, what were they and why?  Use the summer to identify what practices you will continue into next year to contribute to your success and where adjustments are necessary.  Research resources to assist in the areas where you would like to improve.
    • Use the summer to research. What type of internships might you be interested in next year?  Are you interested in study abroad, Illinois in Washington, or other unique learning opportunities?  Learn more about internship opportunities with the PLAS Internship Newsletter!
        • Stay Tuned!  Check back later this summer for our post on unique and prestigious opportunities at UIUC, perfect for prelaw students!
    • Network! Talk to individuals in the legal profession or to upper level peers who have pursued opportunities that you would be interested in.  Use these conversations to gain insights and perspectives about your future goals.
        • Alumni Attorney Talks – catch up on our Alumni Attorney Talk series featuring practicing attorneys and judges.  The series can be found on this blog!  Just search on “Alumni Attorney Talks” or visit our Canvas page for a comprehensive list.
    • Think ahead.  Planning ahead is key for prelaw students.  It allows you to monitor progress and seek resources if necessary; manage competing obligations with success; and pursue unique opportunities that will benefit your goals for law school. If you will be applying during your senior year, you will likely begin your LSAT prep no later than the spring of your junior year.  How does that semester look in terms of course load?  What will your academic progress/achievements be at the beginning of your senior year (if this is the year you will apply to law school)?
        • For those applying to law school during senior year, you will ideally be submitting applications during the Fall semester (approximately 1 year prior to when you would like to begin law school).  It is important to evaluate what achievements, academic work, and other opportunities will be included in your resume for consideration by law schools.
    • Take time to rejuvenate!  The summer should be utilized to take some time for yourself, tending to your wellness and recharging for the upcoming year.  Keep reading for some fun summer suggestions!

Just for Fun…

As mentioned summer should be utilized as a time to enjoy and relax.  

Here are some suggestions on some fun law-related books, movies, podcasts, and TV shows to check out!

    • The Color of Law
    • Thieves of Book Row
    • Crime and Punishment
    • The Rainmaker
    • To Kill a Mockingbird
    • In Cold Blood
    • I’ll Be Gone In the Dark
    • Radium Girls
    • The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
    • Becoming

Check out this list of recommended books for more options!

    • The Staircase (documentary)
    • Find Me Guilty
    • Marshall
    • RBG
    • Erin Brockovich
    • On the Basis of Sex
    • Philadelphia
    • Legally Blonde
    • The Firm

Check out this list of recommended movies for more options!

TV Shows:
    • How to Get Away With Murder
    • Damages
    • Bull
    • Better Call Saul
    • The Good Wife
    • Law and Order

Check out this list of recommended shows for more options!

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Congratulations Class of 2022!

“Everyone has some gift, some one thing he can do better than anything else, whether it is teaching, dancing, dramatics, cooking, or some other skill. Find that one thing and give of it to humanity if you want a well-rounded happy life.”

~ Maudelle Tanner Brown Bousfield | Class of 1906

We would like to offer our congratulations to graduating members of the Class of 2022.  Whether you are continuing your education in law school next year or planning to start your professional work after graduation, we congratulate you on the hard work, perseverance, and determination it has taken to realize this milestone in your life.

Congratulations graduates! We wish you all the best!


Pre-Law Advising Services

Don’t lose touch!

Don’t forget, PLAS is here to support you and your law school goals once you graduate.  Whether next year or several years from now, we are here to help!

Reflections from Senior Pre-Law Students

Part II: Reflections from Senior Pre-Law Students

We hope that you enjoyed Part I of our two-part Reflections series with graduating law student, Courtney Koenig. If you missed it, you can access it here. In Part II, we hope you will enjoy reading and hearing reflections from three May 2022 graduating pre-law students!

Peer Perspectives:

Student peers can be some of the best resources for students to turn to while being pre-law students. Because everyone has their own, unique journey, it can be beneficial to gain different ideas and perspectives.

Three of our undergraduate senior pre-law students, Alice, Meera and Stella, share their personal experiences while being students here at UIUC and offer insights and advice about being pre-law, student organizations and activities, internships and externships, and more!

Are you interested in pre-law? We invite you to get curious and explore! Here are some suggestions to help you get started:

    • Interested in taking classes that will help build essential skills for law school? Check out our Course Recommendation Charts for Summer and Fall 2022. There are classes from a variety of majors.
    • Have you joined pre-law student organizations? Click here to learn more about the pre-law student organizations.
    • Do you want to gain invaluable experience before attending law school? Check out our internship document for endless opportunities including pre-law ones.
    • Join our Canvas page to have access to all things Pre-Law. Click here for instructions on how to self-enroll.
    • Explore our Alumni Attorney Talk series on our blog and in Canvas!

As another academic year comes to a close, we encourage you to reflect back on your own journey this year. Be proud of your accomplishments, learn from your experiences, and apply your wisdom to your future endeavors!  Have a wonderful summer and congratulations to the Class of 2022!

Reflections from a Law Student


Each year, May brings important endings and new beginnings.  It also presents a perfect opportunity to reflect back and gain insights from past accomplishments, challenges, and experiences.  As we celebrate our Class of 2022 graduates we took the opportunity to gain some valuable insights from our graduating students.

Part I: Reflections from a Law Student

Courtney Koenig

Courtney has served as the Pre-Law Advising Services Graduate Assistant since Fall 2020.  Following graduation from the University of Illinois College of Law in May 2022, she will begin work at Thompson Coburn, LLP in St. Louis focusing her practice in Corporate and  Business Law topics.

A conversation with a law student…

Check out the video below to hear insights from Courtney about her pre-law journey, law school experience, professional opportunities, and her advice for pre-law students and alumni, including tips for individuals beginning their law school journey in Fall 2022!


Stay Tuned! Part II – Reflections from Pre-Law Seniors!



Alumni Attorney Talks

Alumni Attorney Talks is a virtual series which aims to provide prospective law students with helpful insights about attending law school and pursuing a legal career. This series features interviews with University of Illinois alumni working in a variety of diverse settings within the legal profession.

Bianca B. Brown

Chicago transit authority- Chief Attorney,    Torts Litigation 

    • Law School: Thomas M. Cooley Law School
    • UIUC Undergraduate Major: Political Science and Government
    • Bianca’s Three Words to Describe an Attorney:

Advocate | Insightful |Innovative


Part 1

Part I features a discussion on Ms. Brown’s educational and career background.

Looking for an internship?  Read and listen below in Part 2 for more information on the CTA and their internship program!

Part 2

Part II features Ms. Brown’s role in the Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA),  internship information at the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), and more!

The Chicago Transit Authority has a variety of paid internships available for college and graduate students! This is a great opportunity to gain invaluable experience from the nation’s second largest public transportation system. Internships are available during the summer and school year. There are internship opportunities for students majoring in a variety of majors from engineering to media communications to law to human resources and many more!

Click here for more information about Chicago Transit Authority Internships!

May Snapshot

The end of the school year is finally here! As you wrap up your end-of-semester obligations and begin looking to the summer, be sure to check back to the blog regularly for updates and new information – including summer programs, updates, and tips!  

We hope you have a successful end to the semester and a wonderful start to your summer!  Be sure to stay in touch with any questions you may have!

May 1: Happy National Law Day! Click here to learn more!

May 1: Reminder! Second (perhaps first) seat deposits will be coming up in the next several weeks – be sure to check dates now!

May 1: Writers Workshop “The Final Check: Proofreading & Editing Strategies” at 1:00 pm via Zoom. For additional information or to register, click here.

May 4: Last day of instruction.

May 4: Prelaw Open Office Hours & Prelaw Magazine Pickup from 3:30-5:00 pm! Stop by the PLAS Office (Campus Center for Academic Advising Services, 5th Floor of the Illini Bookstore, Room 504) with any questions before you head out for summer break or to pick-up a set of Prelaw Magazines for summer reading!

May 4: UIUC Counseling Center “Test Anxiety Workshop” at 1:00 pm via Zoom. Click here for additional information.

May 5: Reading Day! No classes.

May 5: Prelaw Open Office Hours & Prelaw Magazine Pickup from 9:00 – 10:00 am! Stop by the PLAS Office (Campus Center for Academic Advising Services, 5th Floor of the Illini Bookstore, Room 504) with any questions before you head out for summer break or to pick-up a set of Prelaw Magazines for summer reading!

May 5: National and International Scholarships Program “In-Person Information Session for UK and Ireland Scholarships (Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell, and Gates)” 514 Illinois University Bookstore at 2:00 pm. For additional information, click here.

May 5: UIUC Counseling Center “Test Anxiety Workshop at 4:00 pm via Zoom. Click here for additional information.

May 6: Prelaw Open Office Hours (virtual) from 12:30-1:30 pm! Stop by the PLAS Zoom room with any questions before you head out for summer break!

May 6 – 13: Final examination period. Good luck!

May 9: The University of Chicago Law School “Bridge Across the Midway: Law School and the Law School Admissions Process” at 5:30 pm. For additional information or to register, click here.

May 10: National and International Scholarships Program “Online Information Session for UK and Ireland Scholarships (Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell, and Gates)” at 12:00 pm via Zoom. For additional information, click here.

May 14: 2022 campus-wide Commencement Ceremony! Congratulations to all of our graduates and best of luck with your future endeavors!

May 20: University of Miami School of Law – Summer Legal Academy: Consider this unique opportunity to explore what law school is all about! This online program runs from July 11 to July 29. The program is free, but you must apply. The priority deadline is June 3. For more information, click here.

May 24: AccessLex “Your Law School Investment” at 6:00 pm. For additional information or to register, click here.

May 25: LSAC LawHub “Intellectual Charity: How to Disagree Like a Lawyer” at 1:00 pm. For additional information or to register, click here.

May 26: What’s your Best Debt Repayment Strategy? at 6:30 PM
Repaying debt is challenging in the best of situations, and today’s economic situation makes it more difficult. Learn tried and true strategies for prioritizing debt repayment and paying it down effectively. Explore options for student loan repayment too. Let’s Talk Money Webinar Series 2022 (

May 30: Memorial Day! University Holiday – No classes.