November Tips & Resources

The month of November can signify many things, particularly to a law school applicant. The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are starting to turn beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow, and applicants are working earnestly on their application materials. Read below for some tips and resources to maximize your November!

1. Rest and Rejuvenate

Did you know that the American Bar Association equates wellness with professionalism? The best time to create healthy habits around well-being is now. Whether it’s reconnecting with friends and family, reminding yourself of what makes you feel good, or taking the time to learn how to build new habits, fall break is a wonderful time to assess how you are feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally and create a plan to finish the semester strong.

If you are curious about what others are saying about well-being and the legal profession, check out these podcasts:

  1. Path To Well-Being In Law – Institute For Well-Being In Law (
  2. The Path to Law Student Well-Being Podcast Series (
  3. Mental Health in the Legal Profession – Legal Talk Network
  4. Stanford Law School WellnessCast™ on Apple Podcasts

Being productive is great, but overworking yourself may not be. Your efforts to be successful are more effective when you’re not exhausted. Many people find mindfulness apps like InsightTimerCalm, or Headspace useful in bringing the focus back to the present moment.

        2.  Make a Plan to Finalize Applications

        We highly recommend trying to apply during the first half of the admissions cycle, if possible.  Use Fall Break as an opportunity to finalize your applications and submit them to schools.  If you will be applying later than early December, use Fall Break to complete as many of the application components as you can and identify the earliest date you feel you can apply. 

        Here are some resources to help you maximize and finalize your applications:

        1. To hear directly from Law Admission Professionals about the changes to the 2023-2024 application process, click here.
        2. Sign up for the Credential Assembly Service and upload all necessary documents into the portal. Submit your transcript to CAS as soon as possible (if you haven’t already!)
        3. Check out our Personal Statement resource on Canvas.
        4. Check out our Resume resource on Canvas.
        5. Check out our Letters of Recommendation resource on Canvas.

        If any of this feels overwhelming, don’t worry! Meet with a pre-law advisor and we’ll walk through it together):

        Planning to apply in the spring of 2024? Plan and strategize to maximize success!

        • TIP: Make an appointment with a pre-law Advisor to discuss your spring 2024 application strategies.
        • TIP: Attend the “Strategies for Spring Application Success” workshop on December 1, 2023. To learn more and register, click here.

          School-specific requirements and questions:

          There have been several changes to law school applications. Make sure you have reviewed the specific application requirements for the schools you will be applying to, and create a checklist for each school. Questions? If you have questions about an individual school’s application requirements or process ask NOW! Don’t wait until your goal submission date to confirm details.  Reach out directly or send emails over Thanksgiving break!


          We are here to help! PLAS is here to review documents, discuss strategies, and answer questions. We highly encourage you to book your appointment soon, this time of year gets really busy!

            3. Taking the LSAT in 2024?

            Will you be applying to law school during the 2024-2025 application cycle? Familiarize yourself with the upcoming changes to the LSAT by clicking here. Consider using some of your fall break to explore LSAT prep resources and develop a study plan. Here are some links to get you started:

            • Save the Date! January 2024: LSAT Jumpstart hosted by PLAS. You won’t want to miss this workshop! With the upcoming changes to the LSAT, this is a must-attend for anyone applying to law school during the 2024-2025 cycle. To learn more, click here.
            • Official LSAT Content Licensees: explore this list of LSAT test prep companies and tutors that are official content licensees.
            • LSAT Preparation Resources on Canvas: Head over to the PLAS Canvas page and scroll to the LSAT Preparation module. Here you will find many resources and tips to help you prepare for the LSAT.

            4. Think ahead…

            Make efforts to finalize important spring plans including course selections, extracurricular involvements, and goals for internships and other opportunities. 

            And, don’t forget to check out our annual Internship Guide which is also available on our Canvas page!


            APPtitude PreLaw Certificate Program: Designed to support prelaw students with anticipated graduation dates of December 2025, May 2026, August 2026, or December 2026 by providing information and resources related to academic, personal, and professional development. Divided into three tracks (Academic, Personal, and Professional), the APPtitude program will cover topics on critical thinking and reading, the American legal system, time management, wellness and mindfulness, professionalism, networking, and more. Applications close November 20, 2023.

            I AM READY | Law Admission Readiness Program: This program is designed to support central Illinois pre-law students who plan to apply to law school during the 2024-2025 application cycle through a diverse curriculum of topics and resources aimed to enhance participant success in the law admissions process and first year of law school. Applications close November 26, 2023.