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The New Harvest: Agricultural Innovation in Africa

“Half of all malnourished people in Africa are farmers who produce food.” Professor Calestous Juma of Harvard’s Kennedy School and author of The New Harvest, says that farmers are underfed due to infrastructural incapacity and can alleviate their problems through technology application, improvements in supply chains, and rural development of telecoms, transportation, energy, and education. […]


Mitigating Climate Change Through Agriculture

Deutsche Bahn Research recently produced a paper on “Mitigating climate change through agriculture,” with the reduction of postharvest losses as a possible outcome of efforts.


Rabi Conference Accords High Priority to Enhancing Food Grain Production to Achieve 245 MT Target

The recent two-day National Conference on Agriculture for Rabi Campaign 2011 has led to the outcome that 245 million tons of Rabi as needing to be produced for the next season, as well as a focus on location-specific high yielding crop varieties. “The conference advised the States to specially concentrate on critical areas such as […]


Invasive Species Compendium

US AID with other contributors have developed a free, online compendium on invasive species, citing such species as responsible for large production and postharvest losses. Site includes a searchable database and library, videos for training, datasheets, and more to be added as the site develops.


2011 Grain Feed and Annual

Article analyzes factors contributing to wheat harvest losses in Afghanistan, as well as makes predictions for future harvest. Includes charts illustrating trends in prices of rice and other grains.