Bariatric surgery and alcohol


Effects of alcohol drinking after bariatric surgery

Although bariatric surgery procedures provides the most successful long-term treatments for obesity and it is associated metabolic disorders, there is increasing concern about the development of alcohol problems after some of these procedures (e.g. gastric bypass).  We are  investigating mechanism(s) underlying changes in how people feel when they drink after different bariatric surgical procedures. The results from our study will lay the foundation for understanding how the three most commonly performed weight-loss surgeries in USA and the world  affect the way alcohol is processed by the body and central sensitivity to alcohol reward.  These evidence-based data will support patient counseling and monitoring and may help to prevent alcohol misuse after bariatric surgery. This study is funded by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) of the National Institutes of Health.

Picture courtesy from (photographer: Roman Pohorecki)