About Our Lab

The Novakofski & Mateus Chronic Wasting Disease Collaborative Labs is a result of the combined research efforts of Dr. Nohra Mateus-Pinilla of the Illinois Natural History Survey and Jan Novakofski of the Department of Animal Sciences.

Laboratory meetings during COVID-19

The collaborative research of Drs. Novakofski and Mateus-Pinilla focuses on multiple aspects of wildlife.  Our main research investigates the genetics of free-ranging white-tailed deer and the impact of chronic wasting disease management in Illinois.  We also study other wildlife diseases including toxoplasma in Illinois river otters and white-nose syndrome in bats.  Our research projects are as diverse as our lab members!  Visit the projects and people pages for more information.

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Visit Dr. Mateus-Pinilla’s lab, the Wildlife Veterinary Epidimiology Laboratory.

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