2023-2024 Board Members



Sophia Marcellus (she/her)

  • Analytical Chemistry PhD Student
  • Advised by Cathy Murphy
  • “I like to knit in my free time.”

Vice President

Enleyona Weir (she/her)

  • Organic Chemistry PhD student
  • Advised by Wilfred van der Donk
  • “What NOBCChE means to me: a community. I love science and doing service work, especially in my community.  NOBCChE provides both for me. It is an environment where I get to be myself. Things I enjoy doing are nature photography, cooking, and watching TV.”


Brittany Prempin (she/her)

  • Materials Chemistry PhD student
  • Advised by Jeffrey Moore and Charles Schroeder
  • ” I love roller skating and learning new crafts.”


Micah Robinson (she/her)

  • Analytical Chemistry PhD student
  • Advised by Joaquín Rodríguez-López
  • Studies electrochemical sensors to monitor plant health. Looking forward to practicing serviceable science.
  • “I’m also a big Horror and music fan; my only subscriptions are to Shudder and Spotify.”

Communications Officer

Kristin Martin (she/they)

  • Analytical Chemistry PhD student in the Joaquín Rodríguez-López Lab
  • Current work is to develop tandem electrochemical and spectroscopic sensitive materials that can be used as sensors for environmental and biological applications
  • “I love building lego sets, cooking, and a good adrenaline rush aka roller coasters.”

Communications Officer

Imani Jones (she/her)

  • Materials Chemistry PhD student
  • Advised by Paul Braun
  • Studies light-ion interactions in materials for solid state batteries
  • “I love to play Mario Kart, listen to music, and try new dinner recipes.”

Undergraduate Liason

Matthew Halliman (he/him)

I am an undergraduate senior majoring in Chemistry with a minor in business 

“A fun fact about me is that I’m half Jamaican and I love cooking!”

Undergraduate Liason

Aidan Lindsay (he/him)

Undergraduate chemistry major, starting my Junior year.

“I lived in New Mexico when Breaking Bad was being filmed and lived a short walk from Walter White’s house.”

Member at Large

Alexis Lower (she/her)

  • Chemical Biology PhD student
  • Studies enzyme mechanisms and natural product function/mode of action
  • “One of my favorite words is loquacious, not because I talk a lot, but because my fourth grade teacher taught it to us in class and she was the best.”