Protein Shakes for Weight Loss

I am someone who could eat ice cream every single day, even in the middle of an arctic blast! However, trying to maintain a weight or lose weight is hard to do when you are supplementing meals with ice cream! Luckily, Ancient Nutrition is a brand that offers many protein powders, shake mixes, and nutrient based products that help to curb my ice cream cravings!

It is so easy to sub in their products to make healthy, weight loss encouraging shakes! A way that I love to make a nutrient packed “milkshake” is mixing their cocoa protein powder with a frozen banana and some oat milk! Blending all of that together creates a delicious and fluffy chocolate “milkshake” that satisfies my sugar cravings without adding extra calories.

The best part of using Ancient Nutrition products is that I can make weight loss shakes all day! It is so easy to make delicious drinks and smoothie bowls with their powders. Some other ways I like to incorporate Ancient Nutrition into my diet is through these shake recipes. My favorite is the peanut butter and “jelly” shake that uses vanilla protein powder, frozen strawberries, and a scoop of peanut butter. It is the yummiest, most nostalgic drink!

My fellow ice cream addicts, there is even better news about using Ancient Nutrition products in shakes. It tastes just like our favorite high calorie sugary desserts! It is so easy to get creative when the mix in powders and toppings taste this good!