What is Ayurvedic Food Combining?

Have you heard of Ayurvedic eating practices? It is a type of food combining that focuses on the wellness of the entire mind, body, and soul. As someone who regularly practices the simple act of food combing, I found this fascinating.

The basics of food combining are to:

  1. Eat fruit first, and alone.
  2. Never eat a starch with a protein.
  3. Fill at least half of your plate with vegetables every meal.

Ayurvedic food combining pushes it a little further and is known to help with seasonal depression and anxiety, as well as helping reduce inflammation.

In this, one is supposed to be able to theoretically go to a farmers market at any time of the year, and what is available is what they should be eating. Eating foods native to your geographical region that are in season is a big component of Ayurvedic practices.

It also works to enhance our natural instincts. Have you ever noticed how you want cold, hydrating foods in the summer but warm, root vegetables in the winter? That 8/ because that is what our bodies are made for! The Ayurvedic process encourages eating warming foods in colder months to help our bodies feel comforted and nourished, while encouraging cold and hydrating dishes in hot months. Eating with the seasons is known to help with digestion processes and reduce reflux.

As someone who practices food combing for at least half of each month, I am very eager to add the Ayurvedic process into my day to day life. It also focuses on the entire body, and it is encouraged to be paired with grounding activities such as yoga, walking, or meditation. This could be a great new technique to try!

Battling Cold & Flu Season During COVID-19

If you are someone who always gets hit hard by cold and flu season, this year can feel scary since it is paired with COVID-19. Have no fear, there are natural ways to protect ourselves and strengthen our immune system so cold and flu season is not painfully long!

Two natural ways that I like to fight cold and flu season is by incorporating elderberry and manuka honey into my daily routine! These are easy shifts in my normal schedule that have had great results!


What are the benefits of elderberries? They are kind of a cure-all. This Umcka Cold and Flu Syrup is a life saver. You begin taking it at the first sign of symptoms and it works to reduce the effects of symptoms such as aches, fever, congestion, cough, runny nose and sore throat. It is made by the brand Natures Way and they have tons of other great natural medicines to cover anything you may need, from blood sugar monitoring to sore throats.

Elderberry syrup is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to combat illnesses before taking serious antibiotics or medications. Sometimes, those kind of chemicals make me feel worse before they make me feel better. So, I love trying to combat with Umcka Cold and Flu Syrup first!

Manuka Honey

I like to start my days with a spoonful of manuka honey. It has many health benefits such as clearing infections, boosting immunity, and alleviating stomach aches. It is a great add on to Umcka Cold and Flu Syrup too!

With cold and flu season hitting hard this year, we need all the help we can get! These natural ways to fight it are a great place to start!

What is Liposomal Encapsulation Technology?

What is liposomal encapsulation technology? I asked myself the same thing when I first heard about it. Liposomal encapsulation is a process where fats are utilized to help bring important vitamins or medicines to certain parts of the body in little bubbles without impacting other parts of the body.

How are liposomes made?

Liposomes are made by putting a molecule of phospholipids into water to separate components of the molecule, in order to help target areas in the body.

What is the benefit of liposomal encapsulation?

This way to encapsulate vitamins is very popular to do with vitamins that we are typically deficient in, such as Vitamin C and Vitamin D. These vitamins help to keep our bodies healthy.

Vitamin C helps to:

  • Fight cell mutation
  • Fight the cold and flu
  • Prevent gum disease

Vitamin D helps to:

  • Elevate your mood
  • Support white blood cells
  • Protect genetic material

Deficiency in these vitamins can be incredibly dangerous and pose serious health risks. Utilizing liposomal encapsulation technology is a way to protect the body and ensure that the vitamins are getting to the right places in the body!

Where can you get vitamins that use liposomal encapsulation?

LivOn labs is a great place to find products that use lipsomal encapsulation. They have a wide variety of beneficial items such as magnesium, vitamin C, or the incredibly important B Complex Plus. If you are needing to incorporate more vitamins into your diet, try these!

Finding ways to protect ourselves better while staying healthy and natural is incredibly important to a long lifetime. Harnessing the benefits of liposomal encapsulation is a wonderful way to protect the body and create a healthy lifestyle where we can live to our full potential.

Creative Holiday Gifts

This year, the holiday season does not feel as cheerful or exciting as it has in years past. We have barely gotten any snow! So, if you are struggling to find a holiday gift for your loved ones, here are a few ideas for the perfect gift.

For the readers:

If the person you are getting a gift for loves reading, this is the perfect gift for them. Grab a Book Club candle, and wrap it up with your favorite book to read and a note about why you love the book! Not only is it a great gift, but it is incredibly thoughtful!

For the chefs:

My family all loves cooking. So, this year I used a printing service to type up and bind all of our family recipes into a cook book. I am gifting these with my semi-healthy favorite cookies – chewy ginger molasses cookies and two holiday themed dish towels.

This would also be a great gift to give with homemade (or store bought) biscuits and jam!

For the outdoorsy:

A gift on my Christmas list is a picnic backpack! This would be a perfect present for people who love camping and the outdoors. I picture it making a great gift paired with a local cheese or two, and a bottle of their favorite beverage.

This holiday season is challenging, as we are not allowed to be as close to our loved ones. Thoughtful gifts can make all the difference in the world in making sure someone feels loved and appreciated.

What Does Hypoallergenic Mean?

We have ALL heard that something is hypoallergenic. That something could be a pet breed, a makeup brand, or anything else! However, it really just means that something has fewer allergens than other similar products. If you are like me, a lot of products that should not cause allergic reactions do! Just last week I had a pretty bad allergic reaction to eye drops, which lead to my eye hurting more than it did before and my lip swelling up a lot!

While antihistamines can be helpful, I personally do not love having to depend on them. And while we can not get rid of what we are allergic to, we can do things to help reduce the impacts. For example, I always try to take spoonfuls of raw, local honey when allergy season is starting, and top my smoothies with bee pollen!

But, if you want something a little more strong than honey or pollen, Pure Encapsulations has a large variety of hypoallergenic supplements that can also help strengthen your immune system! They have such a wide range of products, so it is easy to find the types of products that will best help you conquer your allergy symptoms.

The best product for immune support is their Immune Support Liquid. For someone who does not love taking pills, like myself, this liquid is a life saver! It has a yummy natural grape flavor, and has healthy immune supporting ingredients like elderberry and lemon balm in it!

Finding healthier ways to support my body is always a positive for me, and I am eager to begin using Immune Support Liquid in my day to day life!

Reusable Products for a Smaller Environmental Footprint

Hello everyone!

With the holidays rapidly approaching, it can be so difficult to find the perfect gift for loved ones. I know that I struggle with not wanting to give a generic gift to someone who is so hard to buy for!

So, here are some great alternatives that are reusable and can make a wonderful gift!

Coconut Bowls & Spoons

What better gift for cold weather than a recipe card with your favorite soup recipe, and a set of coconut bowls and spoons? If they have little ones, there is a kid size option that you could gift with an edible play dough recipe. If not, you could use the bowl to hold a fun homemade “reindeer mix” trail mix! It is a great gift that keeps on giving!

Silicone Straws

If your friend or family member enjoys going out, these silicone straws in a reusable container are a life saver! They are small enough to fit in a small purse or a pocket, so they are easy to keep on you at all times! Give them these with a gift card to their favorite spot for drinks, or a fancy beverage such as rose lemonade!

Even better! They come with a foldable cleaning tool, so you never forget to wash them out.

Reusable Bags

For a busy parent, or just someone who loves their snacks, these Stasher bags are a life saver! They are easy to clean, and will quickly replace single use plastic bags! To gift these, you could fill them with homemade cookies, toffee, or peanut brittle, and leave the recipe with them!

2020 has been such a challenging year, so focusing on giving gifts that keep giving back to our Earth is a great way to finish it up!

Nourishing Soups for Cold Weather

Once it drops below 50 degrees, all that I want to do is bundle up and drink some warm soup. Homemade soups are undoubtedly the best, but when you are in a hurry, waiting for them to get finished can feel like forever! So, here are some of my favorite and quick soup recipes that will nourish your whole body.

The Classic Chicken Noodle

This almost-from-scratch chicken noodle soup recipe from All Recipes covers all of the bases in a perfect cold weather dish. To make it even more healthy, I like to add a protein pasta and lots of crushed red pepper flakes to help clear my sinuses.

Hot and Sour Soup

This is my go to recipe. It takes about 20 minutes, and I like throwing in whatever vegetables I have on hand like cabbage, carrots, or even radishes! Adding in extra chili-garlic paste helps with sore throats, and nixing the tofu in place of more vegetables is always an option too!

It transports well, and I love that even the broth has protein from the egg mixture.

Pioneer Woman’s Tomato Basil

This tomato basil soup is game changing. I truly was not a soup person before trying this one. I love topping it with more fresh basil from my garden and serving it alongside an elevated grilled cheese.

It also is perfect with fried zucchini sticks and mozzarella sticks!

With the changing of the seasons and flu season in full swing, being able to nourish yourself on fresh ingredients is so important. These three soup recipes make it easy!

Best Holiday Beverages to Relax and Unwind

If you are anything like me, the holiday decorations are broken out the day after Halloween. However, this warm weather is fighting against my holiday spirit! So here are some of the best holiday beverages to get into the holiday spirit, and relax.

Mountain Rose Herbs has wonderful holiday teas, that are sure to promote relaxation in your home! My top pick from them would be the chai, as it brings along the most cozy feelings. Bonus points if you add a little creamer, a shot of espresso, and a lot of cinnamon to make a dirty chai!

Yogi Tea is filled with relaxing blends. Their cold season tea and the cinnamon berry both scream winter. These teas are perfect to fill up your favorite holiday mug with when you pop on a holiday movie.

How do you have a holiday drink on the go? My go to add on to turn a basic drink into a holiday one is peppermint essential oil. Grab a hot coffee or a citrusy tea, then add a drop or two of the essential oil and stir. It is great for alertness, as well as soothing a sore throat.

However you choose to get into the holiday spirit, a warming tea always helps to make it feel just a little more cozy. Teas are wonderful gifts as well, and go perfectly with a jar of local honey and a mug!

Essential Vitamins for College Students

As a college student, our lives are jam packed with movement. Most college students move around, and spend enough time outdoors or around other people to create some immune system weakness.

So what vitamins should a college student be taking?

  • Probiotics are an important part of the diet. They promote gut health and a healthy immune system
  • Vitamin D helps with bone health, as well as fighting against cancer.
  • Multivitamins help ensure that all bases are being covered in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

What if you do not know where to start?

Luckily, both Pure Encapsulations and Gaia Herbs provide vitamin mixes to help protect the body from anything harmful!

How do I pick the brand that is right for me?

If you are okay with taking pills or supplements, Pure Encapsulations offers many variations of blends to take. They are easy to use, and just need to be taken once a day.

If you prefer something chewable, Gaia Herbs is the brand for you! They offer multivitamins, elderberry gummies, and even some teas to help build your immune system.

Whichever brand you believe suits you best, it is important to be consuming vitamins as a college student. With constant exposure to people, it is easy to take on any illnesses that they might have. By taking multivitamins and staying hydrated, you will feel much better and have a healthier lifestyle.

Keep Your Skin Safe from Harsh Weather

If you have sensitive skin like I do, the colder weather takes a large toll on it. From wind to brutal cold, the coming winter weather is not kind to our skin. So, here’s a few ways to protect your skin from the elements.

For the Home

A great way to both hydrate your skin and keep your home smelling good is investing in a humidifier. You can add in your favorite winter inspired essential oils to fill your home with familiar scents.

Limit the temperature of your showers. If you get itchy in the cold winter weather, try making your showers cooler, and pick up some unscented body washes to remove any extra irritants.

Cook foods high in fatty acids and omega 3s. Some of these could include flax seeds or fish like salmon!

For your Face

To protect from harsh weather, hydration is key.

Applying petroleum based lip balms and thick or jelly like moisturizers is key to having healthy and dewy winter skin.

Wearing sunscreen is also incredibly important to protecting skin from the winter weather, and it is important to remember to wear SPF even on cloudy days.

Do not get too close to the heat! As much as we love cozying up to a fire on a cold day, getting too close can dry out our skin. So, enjoy the warmth from a distance and invest in some good blankets.

With the beautiful seasons changing comes a change in weather that can take a toll on our bodies if not kept in check. Hopefully these tips will help keep you happy and healthy in the coming months.