How Are Men’s Nutritional Needs Different?

It seems like information about women’s health is all over the internet, but it is much harder to find beneficial information about men’s health. As someone who considers themself very health conscious, I started to wonder how my nutritional needs are different from that of the men in my life, especially the ones who I try to get to go on my health kicks with me – LOL!

For a quick breakdown on how men’s nutritional needs are different from women’s,  I bulleted it out for you!

  • Men have higher caloric needs
  • However, women have higher vitamin and mineral needs
  • Men need at least 400 mg of vitamin B folic acid per day
  • Men tend to burn through vitamins more quickly than women

So, how can we help the men in our lives to live long and healthy lives? Encouraging them to take a men’s daily multivitamin is a great start! This daily multivitamin from Progressive Labs contains vitamins A, C, D, B, K, calcium, and more!

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Finding out the best ways we can support healthy growth and development in our bodies is so important, and these vitamins and supplements can help you do so!