What is Ayurvedic Food Combining?

Have you heard of Ayurvedic eating practices? It is a type of food combining that focuses on the wellness of the entire mind, body, and soul. As someone who regularly practices the simple act of food combing, I found this fascinating.

The basics of food combining are to:

  1. Eat fruit first, and alone.
  2. Never eat a starch with a protein.
  3. Fill at least half of your plate with vegetables every meal.

Ayurvedic food combining pushes it a little further and is known to help with seasonal depression and anxiety, as well as helping reduce inflammation.

In this, one is supposed to be able to theoretically go to a farmers market at any time of the year, and what is available is what they should be eating. Eating foods native to your geographical region that are in season is a big component of Ayurvedic practices.

It also works to enhance our natural instincts. Have you ever noticed how you want cold, hydrating foods in the summer but warm, root vegetables in the winter? That 8/ because that is what our bodies are made for! The Ayurvedic process encourages eating warming foods in colder months to help our bodies feel comforted and nourished, while encouraging cold and hydrating dishes in hot months. Eating with the seasons is known to help with digestion processes and reduce reflux.

As someone who practices food combing for at least half of each month, I am very eager to add the Ayurvedic process into my day to day life. It also focuses on the entire body, and it is encouraged to be paired with grounding activities such as yoga, walking, or meditation. This could be a great new technique to try!