Essential Vitamins for College Students

As a college student, our lives are jam packed with movement. Most college students move around, and spend enough time outdoors or around other people to create some immune system weakness.

So what vitamins should a college student be taking?

  • Probiotics are an important part of the diet. They promote gut health and a healthy immune system
  • Vitamin D helps with bone health, as well as fighting against cancer.
  • Multivitamins help ensure that all bases are being covered in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

What if you do not know where to start?

Luckily, both Pure Encapsulations and Gaia Herbs provide vitamin mixes to help protect the body from anything harmful!

How do I pick the brand that is right for me?

If you are okay with taking pills or supplements, Pure Encapsulations offers many variations of blends to take. They are easy to use, and just need to be taken once a day.

If you prefer something chewable, Gaia Herbs is the brand for you! They offer multivitamins, elderberry gummies, and even some teas to help build your immune system.

Whichever brand you believe suits you best, it is important to be consuming vitamins as a college student. With constant exposure to people, it is easy to take on any illnesses that they might have. By taking multivitamins and staying hydrated, you will feel much better and have a healthier lifestyle.