Keep Your Skin Safe from Harsh Weather

If you have sensitive skin like I do, the colder weather takes a large toll on it. From wind to brutal cold, the coming winter weather is not kind to our skin. So, here’s a few ways to protect your skin from the elements.

For the Home

A great way to both hydrate your skin and keep your home smelling good is investing in a humidifier. You can add in your favorite winter inspired essential oils to fill your home with familiar scents.

Limit the temperature of your showers. If you get itchy in the cold winter weather, try making your showers cooler, and pick up some unscented body washes to remove any extra irritants.

Cook foods high in fatty acids and omega 3s. Some of these could include flax seeds or fish like salmon!

For your Face

To protect from harsh weather, hydration is key.

Applying petroleum based lip balms and thick or jelly like moisturizers is key to having healthy and dewy winter skin.

Wearing sunscreen is also incredibly important to protecting skin from the winter weather, and it is important to remember to wear SPF even on cloudy days.

Do not get too close to the heat! As much as we love cozying up to a fire on a cold day, getting too close can dry out our skin. So, enjoy the warmth from a distance and invest in some good blankets.

With the beautiful seasons changing comes a change in weather that can take a toll on our bodies if not kept in check. Hopefully these tips will help keep you happy and healthy in the coming months.