Best Holiday Beverages to Relax and Unwind

If you are anything like me, the holiday decorations are broken out the day after Halloween. However, this warm weather is fighting against my holiday spirit! So here are some of the best holiday beverages to get into the holiday spirit, and relax.

Mountain Rose Herbs has wonderful holiday teas, that are sure to promote relaxation in your home! My top pick from them would be the chai, as it brings along the most cozy feelings. Bonus points if you add a little creamer, a shot of espresso, and a lot of cinnamon to make a dirty chai!

Yogi Tea is filled with relaxing blends. Their cold season tea and the cinnamon berry both scream winter. These teas are perfect to fill up your favorite holiday mug with when you pop on a holiday movie.

How do you have a holiday drink on the go? My go to add on to turn a basic drink into a holiday one is peppermint essential oil. Grab a hot coffee or a citrusy tea, then add a drop or two of the essential oil and stir. It is great for alertness, as well as soothing a sore throat.

However you choose to get into the holiday spirit, a warming tea always helps to make it feel just a little more cozy. Teas are wonderful gifts as well, and go perfectly with a jar of local honey and a mug!