Group Participates at IAS17

Four group members, Guangzhao Chen, Justin Nevill, Daniel Rhee, and Antonio Zaldivar, participated on the 17th International Advanced School on Wind and Structural Engineering  held in Beijing, China from August 30 to September 01, 2019.

The course covered wind flow characteristics, building and bridge aerodynamics under stationary and non-stationary strong winds, equivalent wind loads and wind-induced responses, wind tunnel techniques, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), urban wind energy, wind-resistant design of solar panels and steel structures, among others.

The topics were taught by prestigious academics from all over the world:

B. F. Spencer from University of Illinois
Richard Flay from University of Auckland
Peter Irwin from RDWI and Florida International University
Kishor Metha from Texas Tech University
Yukio Tamura from Chongqing University
S. Y. Cao from Tongji University
Ted Stathopoulos from Concordia University
K. C. S. Kwok from University of Sydney
R. Hoeffer from Ruhr University
C. Baniotopoulos from University of Birmingham
Q. S. Yang from Chongqing University
A. Kareem from University of Notre Dame
Y. L. Xu from Hong Kong Polytechnic University