Week 11: Moving Forward

This week was one of the biggest weeks in which results were finally tangible and felt like our project was actually leaping forward and taking shape. We went back to the FabLab to use what we learned during the workshops. Since this is our 2nd prototype, we used the laser cutting machine to create the two boxes (essentially these two boxes will become the body and head). The body was 120mm by 150mm by 120mm while the head was 135mm by 150mm by 120mm.

Within the body, we engraved a heart, with a hole in the middle that was for the camera, and a cut out a square so that the user can see the LED display. The head has two eyes for the ultrasonic transducer (possibly, still debating if we have enough time for it) as well as holes on the side of its head for the speakers.

There is definitely a lot of room to grow for our prototype. For example, the speaker holes could be shrunken by approximately 3 cm, and the depending on what kind of way we are going to start our droid, the eyes will also be extensively different. We approximated the area of each of these two parts and we’re planning to perfect the measurements as we continue further.

hile Tiffany and I were working on the specifics of the laser cutting, Taofik was programming the Rasberry Pi and connecting the breadboard and circuits to it.

As a Business major with not as much experience in coding or hardware, it truly is an advantage and positive to have someone that is an Engineering student on our team. One obstable we were presented with was that our 3D printed inside was warped because the layers were too thin, so not all pieces fit together perfectly. We are currently rethinking how we can prevent the warping from happening.

In the next couple week, we will need to know the specific measurements of every piece we have and finish are list of wanted utilities.

2 thoughts on “Week 11: Moving Forward

  1. Hey Odelia,

    It was great speaking to you about your project today in class! I’m extremely excited to see the final product! I hope you consider the recommendations we gave your group!

  2. Wow! Wonderful progress! I absolutely can relate to you with the feeling that you got when your product was tangible. It had seemed like magic as the project finally came to life! The box looks well made. It seems as if the workshop at the FabLab had definitely come in handy for your group! I really liked the heart detail. Luckily for my group, I had some prior coding experience, but we still sought help from an engineering student from the FabLab in the final stages to debug. Overall, good job and I’m excited to see more progress!

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