Project Workshop

Over the past few weeks, we’ve picked up some new skills in the C-U Fab Lab. Now we are going to incorporate those skills into realizing our project idea. Our project requires certain skills and component required from the Fab Lab, thus we went back to the Fab Lab again.

We further determined the details of our project. Our project idea is to create a device that can remotely control the light from smartphones without major renovation of the building. We’ve divided the device into three parts: first is the Bluetooth module, second is the motor driven part that moves the switch up and down, and third is the outer case.

Bluetooth Module

This part’s major function is to communicate with the smartphone. Although we call it the Bluetooth module, we might end up using alternative technologies as well. We initially wants to use a Arduino module with Bluetooth function imbedded, but we are unable to find suitable parts from the Fab Lab. We’ll continue searching for alternatives.

Motor Module

This module consist of a motor and the part moves the switch up and down. We found a motor in the Fab Lab that is able to rotate, and we came up with the idea of the using gear and motor to move a piece of board with a hole in the middle up and down. The switch will come through the hole. We are in the process of designing the gear based on the distance we want it to move. We are planning to print the gear using 3D printers, and cut out the board using the laser cutter.

Outer Case

When we discuss our idea with Prof. Vishal, he recommended us that we can have the case be part of our design as well by allowing customization. This idea inspired us because we know that nobody wants to use our product if looks ugly on the wall. Thus, we started to design the outer case on Fusion 360 and planning to add features to it. Because our design technique on Fusion 360 is limited, I’m looking forward to the next session to elevate my skills.

Next Step

By the end of the class session, we all got our missions clear. We are going to discuss the progress of our respective parts. Next, we are going to test out how each parts works respectively and then start to put parts together. In respect to the design of outer case, we are going to gain additional help from the Fusion 360 expert.

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