Week 10: Digital Embroidery at the Fab Lab

Making a logo. The fact that digital embroidery even exists seems fascinating to me. Considering that my final semester project is developing to become a wearable, this was a very fitting end to the past two trips to the Fab Lab.


I loved this concept, this idea, this product. Being from Bangladesh, I know how much of an advantage the workers at the tens of thousands of garment factories would benefit from a machine that automates the entire process of embroidery this efficiently.

One thought on “Week 10: Digital Embroidery at the Fab Lab

  1. Hey, I very much agree with you on the point that this technology will free human labor from hours after hours of hard work. But I am also kind of worried about when machine and artificial intelligence replace human labor, then how people in developing countries are going to survive. I am from China, and I have been worried about this for quite some time.

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