From 2 to 2+

This week was pretty awesome. Though I didn’t know what to expect, it turned out the be very productive. The set up for this week was quite interesting. We held a Build A 3D-Printer in the Business Instructional Facility atrium. The class was split into three¬†different groups. One group was building an Ultimaker, another group upgrading an Ultimaker 2 into an Ultimaker 2+. I was in the group that was upgrading the Ultimaker 2. The third group were manning a scanning station.

Here are the 3 different groups:

Pic 3 Pic 2 IMG_4650

I think what I realized from this experience was how sustainable and efficient Ultimaker is. I was so surprised that we could turn an Ultimaker 2 into a 2+ very easily. Usually with things like this, you would have to purchase a completely new system. This was very eye opening to me.

After this experience, I think I’m able to see how beneficial it is to be efficient and lean. I think I will continue this efficiency practice with my software endeavors. More specifically, in my projects, I want to be more efficient by not reinventing the wheel but by adding on to it.

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  1. Heya! So what were the actual changes you had to implement to change a ultimaker 2 into a 2+ ?

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