Fablab Day 1 Reflections

This past week’s class was my personal favorite thus far and really got me thinking creatively about my semester long project and ability to create. When I heard we were meeting in a different building for class I assumed it would be just another classroom with some different technology. In reality, the FabLab as a concept really showed me how “makers” can utilize the things and tools they know, and come together to solve problems. Specifically, I am an IT and Marketing major, so a lot of┬ádesigning parts of the class go over my head. The early stages of my semester long project were a bit discouraging as I was unsure what I wanted to do, or how to go about it. Seeing the way people collaborate in the FabLab is inspiring because it shows you don’t have to know everything to do great things, you can learn from and help those around you.

Taking this knowledge, I used the class Facebook page and saw another student with a similar idea to mine (cupholder). If we determine it is feasible and that we want to work together, we plan on making a portable, suction cup cup holder than can conduct thermal energy in order to charge phones. Updates to this idea will come this week.

One thought on “Fablab Day 1 Reflections

  1. It was really awesome to get to do something more hands on this week in class, sometimes think about things just in your head isn’t enough.

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