New Equipment Used On DIFM Fields

The Data-Intensive Farm Management project is expanding our ability to obtain electroconductivity data on trial fields! Dr. Luciano Shiratsuchi is now using a GSSI Profiler EMP 400, a piece of electromagnetic induction equipment, that measures apparent soil electrical conductivity (ECa).

The advantage of this functioning principle is that we can map ECa with a larger window. The Profiler can be run with a 4 wheeler using a plastic sled; it is the only ECa mapper on the market with 16 different frequencies, and it convenient and practical for no till and strip till fields.

Test-Driving Our New Veris U3


Bob Dunker, a member of our research team, spent an afternoon in the sun testing out our new Veris U3 on the Morrow Plots, the oldest continually used experimental agricultural fields in the United States. The Veris U3 uses an electrical array to map deep into the soil rooting profile of a field. These maps will help us to characterize fields by providing us with information about the electroconductivity of the fields in our experiments. Check out the Veris website for more information about their technology!