DIFM at the Highland Community College Field Day

Robert Dunker attended the Highland Community College Field Day on August 29, 2018 in Freeport Illinois.  The DIFM Program had a booth to distribute information about farmer recruitment and participation.  Several students and farmers stopped by the booth to learn more about the program and how they could become involved.

DIFM at the ACES Fall Festival

DIFM participated in the ACES Fall Festival, which invites undergraduate students in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences to come to the U of I Stock Pavilion in order to learn about available opportunities at the College. Groups from the U of I Rodeo Club to the DIFM project had booths at the Fall Festival.

At the Festival, we sought to attract students looking for undergraduate research experiences, and to recruit farm families to join in the project. At present, two students David Bullock met at the Fall Festival are interested in participating in our research, and one farm family has expressed interest in running a trial on their fields.