Laila Hussein Moustafa

Title Assistant Professor
Department International Area Studies Library

Laila Hussein Moustafa is an Assistant Professor of Library Administration and the Middle East and North Africa subject specialist in the International Area Studies Library. She first came to the United States to attend a Human Rights Advocates Training Program at Columbia University in 1997, and subsequently worked as a consultant with Middle East Watch, and then with Human Rights First, where she worked as a researcher overseeing the translation, publication, and distribution of their reports, “Islam and Justice” and “Islam and Equality.” She worked with Landmines Survivors Networks to organize the first international conference about mines in the Middle East  She earned an MA in Near Eastern Studies at New York University, with a focus on medieval Islam, early Shi‘ism, Islamic law, and international law. She earned an MLS at Long Island University in Information Management in 2010, with a focus on technological and economic trends in the new library world, public library systems, metadata, web 2.0, and digital preservation. She is interested in digitization and archive, and hopes to develop our Middle East collection, not only in printed materials but also in the new formats, such as digital and electronic materials.