Covid-19 Updates

We are currently monitoring the status of the institutions that we partner with for summer foreign language study and will provide updates as soon as they are available. Below are details on specific institutions:

Summer Institute for Languages of the Muslim World 
The Summer Institute for Languages of the Muslim World website states, “Announcement regarding COVID-19: We are holding a virtual institute for the Summer of 2020 All SILMW classes will take place online. The deadline for SILMW registration is now May 15th, 2020”

Middlebury Language Schools
According to the Middlebury Language School website, “Due to COVID-19, the Middlebury Language Schools has cancelled all on-campus programs for Summer 2020. We are currently accepting applications for alternative online programs. See Updates and Language Schools FAQ.”

University of Indiana Language Workshop
The University of Indiana Language Workshop website lists closures for overseas programs. Additionally, all domestic Language Workshop courses have moved online. There is a designated site for coronavirus updates here, which includes and FAQ section regarding online instruction. The website also states to check its Facebook and Instagram pages for frequent updates.

Wisconsin Intensive Summer Language Institute
According to the Wisconsin Intensive Summer Language Institute website, “The Wisconsin Intensive Summer Language Institutes (WISLI) will offer virtual language instruction in summer 2020. The announcement comes as the University of Wisconsin–Madison made the decision that face-to-face instruction will not be offered on campus in consideration of the safety of participants during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Critical Languages Institute, Arizona State UniversityAccording to the ASU Critical Languages Institute website, On March 25, 2020 ASU announced its decision to cancel ALL summer 2020 study-abroad programs, including domestic ones. In line with this decision, and in order to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff, the Critical Languages Institute made the decision to move our summer intensive language programs online for summer 2020.”

Summer Language Institute, University of Pittsburgh
The Summer Language Institute’s website states, “On Friday, March 27, SLI received the directive from the University of Pittsburgh’s Provost’s Office to move summer courses online. Therefore, we are proud to officially announce to you our plans for this summer’s first-ever ‘Virtual SLI.’”

Center for Language Studies at Beloit College
The Center for Language Studies (CLS) at Beloit College website states, “We will be offering VIRTUAL LEARNING intensive summer courses in Chinese, Japanese, and Russian, June 14 – July 31.” More information on on Beloit College’s response to Covid-19 can be found here.

Updated 04/21/2020