Day 3: Kampala to Kigumba

February 5th, 2017 by Courtney Ackerman 

Since we landed yesterday after dark, we did not have the opportunity to see much of Kampala. Luckily, we were given some free time in the morning to explore the beautiful hotel and see some views of the city. We were treated to a full buffet breakfast with many options we’d find in the U.S. such as cereal, milk, muffins, omelets, and pancakes; on top of that, we got our first taste of some local food including delicious fresh fruit (passion fruit/papaya/etc), a mushroom dish, and fish filets. After our late breakfast, we packed up our vans and began our 4-hour drive to Kigumba, a town just outside the Kiryandongo refugee settlement. The drive gave us an opportunity to see the roads of Kampala crowded with many motorcycles, bikes, pedestrians, and an assortment of livestock. Roadside stands were prevalent near Kampala, but as we got away from the city, the many stands were replaced by mostly trees and vegetation. The drive was excited by a rest stop at a pit latrine and being passed by a fleet of police vehicles, which our drivers assumed to be the convoy for the President of Uganda.