Traveling to Uganda: Day 2

February 4, 2017 by Tim Herzog 

After a long first flight, we took some time to relax and have a traditional Dutch breakfast. Later, we took off for our flight to Africa around 10 AM Amsterdam time. We all knew that this flight would feel longer, as most of us had tried to get some rest in transit between Chicago and Amsterdam. Some people got some homework done on the flight, but many of us watched movies and lightly napped. We arrived in Kigali, Rwanda at about 8 PM local time. After a brief delay, we then disembarked to Entebbe, Uganda. Luckily, this flight was short, only about 40 minutes. After getting through customs, and learning that we lost one of our equipment bags in the flight, we took a drive to Kampala and arrived at the Golf Course Hotel at around midnight. Everything considered, it took us around 29 hours of travel to arrive to the hotel.