Sicily in the Flavian World (Autumn 2023)

Sicily in the Flavian World

An Academic Conference and Tour of Ancient Sites

Organizers: Antony Augoustakis and Joy Littlewood

Exedra Mediterranean Center

Syracuse, Sicily, 3-9 October 2023

Southern Italy and Sicily (including nearby islands) are featured in Flavian literature, most prominently Silius Italicus’ Punica among others, as places with a rich Greco-Roman history, exceptional fertility, and idyllic landscapes. These southern regions also offer important evidence from the material culture. This conference builds on many recent conferences on Flavian literature and published volumes (e.g., Campania in the Flavian Poetic Imagination, Oxford 2019) and aims to explore the representation and significance of the region in the literature and material culture of the period (69-96 CE). Our conference will take place at the Exedra Mediterranean Center, adjacent to the Piazza Duomo on Ortigia.

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