From the first analytical paper, I learned the functions of the rhetorical triangle and Toulmin’s model, and how to properly cite other people’s works. According to the feedbacks from professor, I think I did good analysis on rhetorical triangle and Toulmin’s model, but I still have some areas to improve, such as the grammatical and formatting problems. Besides, from last week’s classes, I think my paper was not concise enough, and used too much passive voice. I will try to avoid using passive voice and expletive language, as well as the minor faults on citations In the future. In the workshop group, my classmates gave me lots of corrections and ideas on how to use proper grammar, and how to make sentence more concise, so that was very helpful for me.

From the critical responses, I learned how to effectively read books, and how to analyze the differences and similarities of several articles. According to professor’s comments, I need to improve my titles to make it more interesting and more descriptive, and also I need to focus more on grammar and use of vocabulary to express my opinion clearly.