Minor Assignments I


The Rules People Have to Obey

The two articles both discussed some of the “rules” that we have to acknowledge in the society. The first article, “ The Power of Hello” talked about a story of the author when he was a child, which affected him greatly. The rhetorical appeal and triangle played a considerable role in this passage. At first, the author pointed out his character as an active and amiable person, which is the ethos, and then he tells a story, which has changed him from an indifferent person to whom he is right now; this part is the pathos. In the end, he implies that this change and character has led him to be successful and respected by making friends with a company founder. This story illustrates the how powerful greeting other people can be logically, and this is thelogos. This rhetorical method made his texts further persuasive to the audiences. The other article is the university’s student code defining the students’ rights and responsibilities. Although the two articles have disparate topics, they are actually connected.

“ My mom always said life was like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are gonna get next.” (Forrest Gump) People are like a box of chocolate as well. It takes all sorts to make up this world where we are living in, but if you do not try to approach them, you will never find out what kind of surprises they are going to bring you; it is like you are never going to open the box of chocolate. The story of Howard White described a unique incident of his mother telling him to speak to everyone he ever encounters, because every single person deserves other people’s respect and attention. More importantly, it gives you the opportunity to get to know other people, and thus have a chance to enter their lives. In his story, he greets everyone he meets; no matter if it is the boss of a major company, or a cleaner at cafeteria, and by talking to people enthusiastically, he has gained the chance to become the vice president of a leading incorporation. Howard White’s story exemplified the significance of being polite and considerable to others, which is also one of the best qualities of human beings.

    The Article 1 of Student Code stated a series of regulations and rules that have to be obeyed by the students of this university. The code articulated that the students have rights as well as responsibilities. For example, students have the rights to express their ideas freely in the campus, but at the same time the students have the responsibility to accept others who have different opinions. The university intends to protect students’ privacy, whereas the students are obliged to carry out the regulations of university. This article emphasized the hard rules that every one of the students has to follow, and it also implies that people must obey certain rules in order to be a decent and peaceful person functioning in this society.

The two passages may seem distinctive on topics and contents, but they both demonstrate the criteria of being a proper and moral person. “The Power of Hello”indicates the unwritten rules among people, reminding that being affable and considerable to others is crucial, and will possibly change one’s life remarkably. Article 1 of Student Code illustrates the hard laws and outlined the basic standard of being a healthy minded person. These “rules” are designed to make everyone that obeys it a better person, and surely reminded me to follow these “rules” as my guidelines, which I believe will benefit me for the rest of my life.

White, Howard. “The Power Of ‘Hello’” NPR. NPR, 14 Aug. 2008. Web. 28            Aug.


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