Exploring Topics

Dear sister,

How is high school going? I hope you have enjoyed your first few weeks of high school. I am thinking about possible topics for my first research paper for my English class, and maybe you can give me a few suggestions. I am thinking of writing things related to global news, such as the migrant crisis, racism, and presidential election. Have you watched the recent presidential debate? We had a discussion in class about the debate, my classmates care the most about the taxes and education. The presidential debate can be a good topic, since it is a very big thing happens every four years in America, but I do not really know the politics in America, if I want to write in this topic, I would have to do a lot of researches beforehand. However, there is another news of a kid from middle east made a clock for his own interest, and bring it to school to show his friends, but people suspected the clock he made of being a bomb because of his racial profile. I think it was so cruel to suspect a kid who just want to show his work to his friends, but I do not know if it is wrong, because being extra careful is to be responsible for oneself and the surrounding people. Also there is another migrant crisis happens in Europe, where thousands of refugees from Afghanistan and Syria are trying to get into European countries, such as Germany and Austria.

These are the possible topics I am considering, can you give me a few ideas or suggestions of which topic is more interesting to write about? Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Also I wish you will have a great experience in high school!

Zhe Li