Insect Fear Film Festival

scaring the general public with horrific films and horrific filmmaking
— Since 1984 —

Join Entomology Graduate Students Association(EGSA) and the UIUC Department of Entomology for our annual film festival!
Held every spring, this festival is an opportunity to see movies focused on insects, interact with the insects in our petting zoo, and dispel some fears of these incredible, fascinating creatures!

Festival Links

Act I—Venom for Laughs

Link 1
Silly Symphony, “The Bears and the Bees” (1931)

Link 2
Three Stooges, “Hoi Polloi” (1935)

Link 3
Popeye, “A Jolly Good Furlough” (1943)

Link 4
Donald Duck, “Bee on Guard” (1951)

Link 5
Batman, “Bee-Sting Battle” (1967)

Link 6
Cool Cat, “Bugged by a Bee” (1969)

Link 7
The Adventures of André and Wally B. (1984)

Act II—Venom for Science

Link 8
Odd1sOut, “The Spiders and the Bees” (2019)

Link 9
Coyote Peterson, “Stung by a Giant Hornet” (2020)

Link 10
Arvin Pierce, “Do Honeybees Really Die When They Sting?” (2016)

Link 11
Adrian Smith, “Fire ants – sting, prey, raft” (2018)

Link 12
Adrian Smith, “How Ant Stingers Work!” (2019)

Link 13
SciShow, “The Problem with Bee Venom Therapy” (2018)

Link 14
Business Ideas, “$39,000,000 for SCORPION VENOM” (2021)

Link 15
Born Survivor, “Bee Sting” (2008)

Link 16
Michael Smith talks about his Ig Nobel Award (2021)

Link 17
IgNobel Prize, “Worst place to be stung by a bee” (2021)

Link 18
Dr. Kavanagh Removes Stinger from the Eye (2019)

Link 19
ProTrainings, “How to Use an EpiPen” (2020)

Act III—Venom for Horror

Content note: some clips are gruesome; the headers of these clips are red. Viewer discretion is advised.

Link 20
To Have and Have Not, dead bees can bite you (1944)

Link 21
Pure Luck, bee sting (1991)

Link 22
My Girl, death of Thomas (1991)

Link 23
Anaconda, tracheostomy (1997)

Link 24
National Security, bumblebee scene (2003)

Link 25
Case 39, bee in eye (2009)

Link 26
Stung, dinner party wasps (2015)

Link 27
Stung, wasp transformation (2015)

Link 28
Evolution of spiderman (1967 to today)

Link 29
Liberty Mutual, “Spider Bite” (2021)

The 2022 theme for the 39th IFFF is…


5 pm CST, Saturday, February 26, 2022
 Activities will begin at 5 pm CST, and film introductions will start at 7:30 pm CST.

Schedule (all times CST)

5:00-5:45 – The Sting of the Wild, Justin Schmidt – University of Arizona
5:45-6:00 – INHS Insect Collection Tour, Dr. Christopher Dietrich – Illinois Natural History Survey Insect Collection Curator
6:00-6:10– Virtual Insect Petting Zoo (nonvenomous insects)
6:10-6:20 – Bee Ventriloquism, (the puppet “Buzz” with ventriloquist Hannah Leskosky)
6:20-6:25 – Break
6:25-6:35 – Insect Crafts (see the Crafts section below!)
6:35-6:45 – Virtual Insect Petting Zoo (tarantulas and honey bees)
6:45-7:05Bugscope, Cate Wallace – Microscopy Suite Manager, University of Illinois Imaging Technology Group
7:05-7:30Art Show and Winner Announcements, Dr. May Berenbaum – Professor & Head, University of Illinois Department of Entomology
7:30-10:00 – Film clips, presented by Dr. May Berenbaum
As befits our Zoom format, we will be presenting a program featuring animated and live short films and clips from feature-length films. The clips will be grouped in three acts: first, stings as exaggerated comic plot elements; next, reactions to stings, including anaphylaxis, as humorous, dramatic, or horrific highlights; and, finally, shorts revealing the scientific reality of venom and venomous insects, including potential beneficial uses of arthropod venom. Venom usage among arthropods can vary greatly–honey bee workers sting as a means to protect themselves or their colony, while predatory wasps use their venom to paralyze their prey to feed to their larvae. We will even be featuring a live stinging demonstration to highlight the  fascinating process of venom delivery. Come and feel the virtual burn!


2022 IFFF Insect Art Contest

You can view all of this year’s submissions here! Announcement of winners will begin at 7:05pm CST.

For many years, we have held an Insect Art Contest in conjunction with the Insect Fear Film Festival. The art contest is organized, judged, and presented by graduate students, but participation by teachers and students truly makes the art contest a success. In the past, we have solicited entries from art teachers in area schools, but we think that participation in the Insect Art Contest can extend beyond art classes. Any student is welcome to enter.
To submit art to IFFF, please fill out the forms below and send them to Sarah Murphree (sarahmm5[at]illinois.edu): IFFF Art Contest Rules and IFFF Art Contest Entry Form. For more information about the Insect Art Contest, contact Sarah Murphree (sarahmm5[at]illinois.edu) or Luke Hearon (lhearon2[at]illinois.edu).

Look at examples of previous winners from 2021, 2019,  20182017, and 2016



2022 IFFF Events

  • A talk from the renowned and oft-stung Justin Schmidt (5:00-5:45)—creator of the Schmidt sting pain index
  • Venomous insect Bugscope (6:45-7:05) where you can see these tiny critters and their weaponry up close!
  • EGSA Virtual Petting Zoo(6:00-6:10 and 6:35-6:45), where you can learn about tarantulas, wasps, and other venomous insects & arthropods.
  • IFFF Art Contest Gallery, where you can see all of the insect-themed artwork submitted by K-12 students in the area.
  • Venom-themed crafts (6:25-6:35) you can do at home—see the Crafts section below!
  • Get a virtual tour of the INHS insect collection with Dr. Christopher Dietrich(5:45-6:00).


2022 IFFF Crafts

Insect coloring pages now available!

Designs produced by the hard working artists of the Entomology Graduate Student Association.

Follow along with our insect crafts section (6:25–6:35) and use the instructions below to create your insect crafts.

Instructions for making a venomous spiny caterpillar
Instructions for making a spider on a web

2022 IFFF T-shirts

Purchase your own tee shirts adorned with the 39th IFFF logo.
Order your shirts here!


IFFF History:

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Previous Insect Art Contest winners from 2021, 2019,  20182017, and 2016.

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