Social Events

More Than Just Colleagues

One of the purposes of EGSA, as stated by the constitution, is to provide a fun and positive social environment for its members. We believe that through building this kind of social environment for graduate students we also build support networks that help us achieve our goals as an association. Goals, such as community involvement, academics, and various forms of representation, are achieved when students work together and support each other not just as members of the same association but also as friends. To that end, we organized regular activities for graduate students to let loose and have some fun!

A few of our most cherished events include…

Lunch Bunch

Each week EGSA students meet at local restaurant, usually Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, to share lunch. This serves an an opportunity for students who do not regularly work in close proximity to one another to stay in touch, catch up after the workweek, and even make plans for the upcoming weekend. This also provides a medium through which EGSA officers can stay up-to-date regarding their departmental duties.

Happy Hour

EGSA students also have the opportunity to meet on a weekly basis at happy hour! In doing so, students can explore the cultural hubs that Urbana-Champaign has to offer. This usually entails trying out the local foods, experiencing the local music scene, and even meeting up with non-entomology graduate students.


Collecting Trips

Some of our collecting sites are easier to access than others.

Whether you need some extra specimens for the IB468 collection or you just want to add to your own personal collection, this is an excellent opportunity to experience the local insect diversity firsthand! Students have historically done everything from sweeping through prairies, to setting up traps in the surrounding forests, and even backlighting near rivers.


Join your fellow students as they brave the elements to live among the trees. Students can observe the wildlife of Central and Southern Illinois in addition to going on day hikes and cooking around the campfire.

Holiday Activities

EGSA students have developed many of our own holiday traditions over the years. In the fall, students have the option of participating in scary movie marathons around Halloween and attending a Thanksgiving dinner. Around Christmas, students also hold movie marathons, go ice-skating, and even participate in our own version of Secret Santa – “Secret Bittacid”, named after Hangingflies, which present prospective mates with nuptial gifts.