About EGSA

EGSA Mission Statement

The mission of the Entomology Graduate Student Association (EGSA) at University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana is to foster the best possible academic environment for graduate students to pursue scientific knowledge as it relates to the field of entomology. We aim to provide the resources and opportunities for students to learn, grow, and become productive members in their respective disciplines. In doing so, we hope to produce the leading thinkers, researchers, and problem-solvers that help resolve issues currently faced in academia, policy, education, medicine, industry, agriculture, and forestry.


  1. To promote ethical behavior within and among students, faculty, and staff at UIUC. This includes, but is not limited to, positive and respectful interpersonal interactions in the workplace, as well as scientific integrity in the field/laboratory.
  2. Strive to maintain a positive presence in the Champaign-Urbana community. We hope to promote better communication between scientists and the general public. Specifically, we wish to create a better public understanding insect biology and services among CU residents by visiting schools, libraries, parks, and farmer’s markets. Additionally, we will organize public events such a nature walks and workshops.
  3. Optimize the individual development of graduate students by maintaining a collaborative environment, a top-notch education, and access to cutting-edge technologies/resources. EGSA is committed to making the UIUC experience transformative, unique, and empowering.
  4. Maintain an influential presence in the scientific community. EGSA will organize efforts to help students practice for and attend local and national conferences. EGSA will also remain active in networking with other entomology departments and agencies across the globe.
  5. Contribute to a growing base of human knowledge regarding the ecology, physiology, genetics, and systematics of insects and related arthropods. EGSA seeks to help fill in the informational gaps in the collective understanding of insect biology.