“Like so many organizations, we use an online email marketing platform to reach out to our supporters. The platform itself generates a lot of data for us about how our newsletters are received and how recipients interact with them. I know that information can help us improve our communications, but I don’t have the time or expertise on staff to figure it all out. I asked Stat-Com to help my organization better understand the data we were getting. The students who worked with me were able to sift through it and give me practical, usable feedback about what approaches were actually inspiring our recipients to open and interact with the newsletters. This has helped us shape our communication strategies going forward.”

Executive Director, YWCA of University of Illinois

“Beichen and Yu were critical in the analysis of a poverty assessment for HIV households located in a Nairobi slum.  Their ingenuity in mining, clarifying and interpreting data helped us to reach conclusions and uncover some rather surprising results. Their results gave us an opportunity to act and start a pilot program that lights 100 homes with solar lamps, eliminating 17% of expense in perpetuity and eliminating hazardous kerosene from homes. We have submitted an abstract with our findings thus far to the Unite for Sight Global Health Conference, held at Yale University this May and intend to re-assess households again after all of the lamps are in place.”

President, Walking with Angels

“Gina and Yang did a great job creating both a customer and a family satisfaction survey. They also helped us complete some of the surveys by interviewing our customers/families.  Gina and Yang then put the survey results in an easy format for us to review. We will utilize this information to continue to provide the greatest level of service to our customers and their families.”

Program Director, Circle of Friends Adult Day Center