Join Us

Statistics in the Community (StatCom) is a statistics consulting group run by students. It is a great way for graduate students to get the consulting experience they are looking for and further connect the university with the surrounding community. We aim to take on clients that are affiliated with the government, non-profits, educational institutions, etc. Being a part of StatCom is a unique opportunity for student consultants to gain practical experience, client communication skills, and network in a team driven professional environment.

Who can join?

Consultants must have already taken a decent amount of statistical courses and be familiar with at least one statistical software program such as R, SAS, SPSS, JMP, etc. Courses recommended include: STAT 440, 448, 425 (Regression Analysis), 426 (Categorical Analysis), 571 (Multivariate Analysis). If you have not taken many classes yet, we still encourage you to be involved. You will be working in teams so that you will learn from your peers. Also, monthly meetings allow consultants to address concerns about their current projects and allow everyone to be involved in one way or another.

If you are interested in being a consultant, please contact and include a little about yourself!