2nd 8-Week Courses from the Dept of ENGL

As you meet with students looking to add a second 8-week course to their spring schedules, please keep in mind the following offerings from English:



ENGL 461 (3 cr hours)

The End of Poverty in African American Literature

CRN 32223

3- 4:50  T/R

140 Henry Admin Bldg

Class begins week of March 14th

Course Description: https://courses.illinois.edu/search/schedule/2016/spring/ENGL/461?sess=B



ENGL 106 (3 cr hours)

21st Century American Fiction

CRN 34570

1:00 – 2:20 MWF

29 Psychology Bldg

Class begins week of March 14th

Course Description:  https://courses.illinois.edu/search/schedule/2016/spring/ENGL/106?sess=B



ENGL 199 (1 cr hour)

Career Planning for Humanities Majors

CRN 39025

4:30 -5:50 T

119 English Bldg



ENGL 199 (1 cr hour)

Writing to Get That Job

CRN 59903

10 – 10:50  T/R