AHS199 Hall of Fame / Domestic Adventure ( 2nd 8 weeks Spring Course / 3hrs)

When meeting with your students regarding second 8 weeks courses, please consider AHS199HOF, a “domestic adventure” course in cooperation with Applied Health Sciences and the Study Abroad Program. The three hour course will meet in the second 8 weeks (Wed  @ 5PM) and will conclude with a 12 day tour (see attached) to several of the nation’s best known recreation, sport and tourism related destinations (Baseball Hall of Fame, Basketball Hall of Fame, Football Hall of Fame, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Niagara Falls, etc.


The course will examine the role of sport, recreation, and tourism in developing communities.


At present we have openings for 5-6 students.  I am having an informational meeting next week – Wed, March 2, from 5-6PM in 3005 Huff / Khan Annex.