Boren Scholarship Informational Meeting

$20,000 Scholarships to Study Abroad?!

The University of Illinois National and International Scholarships Program will be hosting an information session on National Security Education Program (NSEP) Boren undergraduate study abroad scholarships on Friday, October 5 at 2:00 in room 514 at 807 S. Wright Street. Sarah Gleisner, a Boren Program Manager, will be providing participants with information about the program and tips on filling out competitive applications. The campus application deadline is January 16 for any study between May 2013 and May 2014 (all students are eligible for semester or year-long programs while some students may be eligible for summer intensive language programs as well). Students are encouraged to begin writing application drafts this fall.

The Boren provides study abroad scholarships of $6,000-$20,000 for a full academic year or $4,000-$10,000 for a semester for U.S. citizens to study in Asia, Africa, Central & Eastern Europe, Latin America, or the Middle East on almost any study abroad program. These are merit-based scholarships (approximately 1 in 5 eligible applicants receive awards including multiple University of Illinois students every year). In order to receive the scholarship, award winners must enter into a service agreement requiring that they attempt to work in a paid position for the federal government in an area related to national security—generally the Departments of State, Defense, Homeland Security, or the Intelligence Community within three years of graduation (deferrals possible/encouraged for graduate study). Winners also receive priority-hiring status. Further information is available at <>

Please direct questions to David Schug by email at or at the fifth floor, Illini Union Bookstore Building, 807 South Wright Street.