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How do I add keywords to my profile?

To increase discoverability, consider adding keyword terms to your profile. Note that keywords are not the same as fingerprint concepts (see here for information on fingerprints). Free-text searches for keyword terms will help point users to you and your research.

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How do I modify the research fingerprint displayed in my profile?

About the fingerprint The fingerprints displayed on the portal are generated via the Elsevier Fingerprint Engine, which analyzes the available metadata–particularly, the abstract–for each publication using natural language processing techniques and attempts identify related concepts in one or more discipline-specific

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Request a profile update

We are happy to assist in ensuring that the information in your profile is as current and accurate as possible. Please take a moment to tell us about the profile updates you are requesting.

Request a presentation

We are available to provide an informative discussion on Illinois Experts, including project history, current state of the system, and future plans.