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During the project planning and implementation phase, the Illinois Experts Governance Committee provided invaluable guidance on the establishment and management of Illinois Experts, including active input on strategic priorities, policy development and processes, resource allocation, and campus communications. The committee was faculty-led and representative of relevant expertise on campus, soliciting input from staff and campus researchers as well as administrators, in an effort to align resources and capabilities with campus needs.

The Illinois Experts Steering Committee of University Library and OVCR leadership provide detailed engagement and guidance for the planning, pilot, assessment, project management, and launch of Illinois Experts.

Beth Namachchivaya Associate University Librarian, Chair
Mark Zulauf Researcher Information Systems Coordinator, University Library
Ximing Cai Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering
George Chacko Director, Research Information Analytics, OVCR
J. Stephen Downie Associate Dean, Library & Information Science
Amy Edwards Director, Division of Management Information Systems
Howard Guenther Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, OVCR
Kevin Hamilton Associate Professor, Art + Design
Ashley Lawrence Communications CoordinatorInterdisciplinary Health Sciences Initiative
Marilyn O’ Hara Ruiz Clinical Associate Professor, Pathobiology
Robert Markley Professor, English
Robin Fretwell Wilson Professor, Law
Angela Wiley Associate Professor, Human and Community Development
Mark Zulauf Researcher Information Systems Coordinator, University Library
Thomas Habing Interim Director, Library Information Technology, University Library
Melanie Loots Executive Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, OVCR

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