How do I modify the research fingerprint displayed in my profile?

About the fingerprint

The fingerprints displayed on the portal are generated via the Elsevier Fingerprint Engine, which analyzes the available metadata–particularly, the abstract–for each publication using natural language processing techniques and attempts identify related concepts in one or more discipline-specific thesauri or vocabulary sets. Identified concepts are then weighted according to how frequently they feature in the publication metadata. Individual publication fingerprints are aggregated into a single fingerprint for the researcher, and fingerprints for affiliated researchers are in turn aggregated into department, college, or institute fingerprints. (NOTE: Superscripts and subscripts may distort fingerprint terms in your profile. For example, bee will be matched to the term “bee.” If this occurs in your profile, we recommend suppressing those terms.)

To suppress fingerprint terms, follow the steps below, outlined in our video tutorial entitled “Modifying your Illinois Experts profile’s Fingerprint.”

1. Log in to Illinois Experts using the University’s single sign-on process.

2. Click on the “edit profile” button below your profile photo/avatar and then, in the menu on the left side of the editing window, click “Fingerprints.”

fingerprint 1

3. To suppress an entire set of concepts, use the on/off toggle located to the right of each concept heading. Click individual terms to hide them. The hidden terms will move to the bottom of the concept area underneath the title “omitted concepts.” To show omitted concepts, click the desired terms. The terms will move back to their appropriate location in the fingerprint.

4. Click “save.”

To further modify the fingerprint:

1. Although you can suppress concepts from your profile fingerprint, you cannot add terms directly. You can, however, influence the fingerprint by adding a “Research Interests” or “Creative/Performing Interests” statement to the “Curriculum and research description” section of your profile. Learn more.

2. Note that changes to the fingerprint resulting from the addition of a “Research Interests” or “Creative/Performing Interests” statement will not appear immediately. The new material will be factored into the fingerprint during the next weekly fingerprinting process.

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