2024 LSAT News & Resources

There are a number of upcoming changes related to the LSAT.  Below is an update on these upcoming changes.  Please note that we will continue to update this post as additional information is released.

LSAT Format Change

Beginning with the August 2024 LSAT administration, the LSAT will no longer include an Analytical Reasoning (Logic Games) section.  The June 2024 will be the last examination to include Logic Games.

August 2024 Administrations and future exams will include the following sections:

  • 1 Reading Comprehension – scored
  • 2 Logical Reasoning – scored
  • 1 Experimental – unscored

Test-takers will also continue to be required to complete the unscored Persuasive Writing section of the LSAT. The Persuasive Writing section must only be completed once but must be completed before the release of the test-taker’s first LSAT score.

Additional information is available on the LSAC website.

In addition, you can look through a PowerPoint presentation from a prior webinar below.

LSAT Prep Resources

In anticipation of the new LSAT format in August, LSAC will provide new LSAT prep resources through Law Hub (free) and Law Hub Advantage ($115). These new resources will be tailored to the new upcoming LSAT format and released sometime after February 2024.

Kahn Academy resources will continue to be available through LSAC through the June LSAT administration. Additional information on prep resources through LSAC is available on the LSAC website.

Choosing an LSAT Administration and Timeline

This year more than ever, being intentional about your timeline is important. When determining your LSAT timeline consider the following:

  • When is your target application submission time frame? Consider planning for late Fall (Nov – Dec).
  • Plan for the possibility of two attempts prior to your goal submission time frame.
  • Plan for 3-6 months of study and prep prior to your first attempt.
  • Consider your schedule and the realities of the available time to prep.
  • Consider how the upcoming changes to the LSAT might be beneficial or detrimental to your success.
  • Be intentional with your timeline, don’t invest study time on question types that will not be part of your LSAT.

Talk to a pre-law advisor! If you are unsure which LSAT format or timeline is right for you, talk to a pre-law advisor. We are here to discuss options, provide insights, and help you determine what path is best for you. Advising appointments are available for all current UIUC students and alumni. Schedule an appointment online now!

Additional Resources

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