Peg Burnette to Serve as Project Coordinator for CARLI Illinois SCOER Grant Award

Peg Burnette, Associate Professor and Biomedicine Librarian, will serve as Project Manager for a grant awarded by CARLI Illinois Support for Creation of Open Education Resources (SCOER) initiative to a group of educators from the University Library, Carle Illinois College of Medicine, and Knox College in Galesburg. This team of educators will create an open education resource (OER) with a primary focus on women’s reproductive health.

A $1.08 million grant has been awarded to the University of Illinois System/CARLI for Illinois SCOERs by The U.S. Department of Education Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE). CARLI was notified in May of this year that approximately $1 million in additional funds will be awarded to them from FIPSE and the Open Textbooks Pilot Grant.

Round 1 proposals of the Illinois SCOERs features “The Human Condition: Care, Development, and Lifespan.” This will be a collaborative project between Carle Illinois College of Medicine (CI MED) and Knox College. This proposal was one of eight subgrants awarded in this round. CI MED and Knox College will work jointly to create an open-source course with an OER textbook as its core. “The Female Reproductive System and Women’s Health Through a Multidisciplinary Lens,” will include text chapters related to women’s health across the lifespan. This text will feature illustrations, videos (with subtitles), interactive assignments, and anatomical models available for 3-D printing.

The Carle Illinois College of Medicine and Knox College team will use the $60,000 in grant funds to develop the OER with an emphasis on the creation of 3-D printed models. These models can be used in simulations and teaching, to help students with different learning styles and at different educational levels understand how the female reproductive system works. The materials will be hosted on the CARLI web site for adoption and adaptation by medical schools and college STEM courses.

A full list of team members, their positions, and roles within this project are listed below:

Dr. Samar Hegazy (Assistant Professor, Carle Illinois College of Medicine, Pathology Core Discipline lead, Subgrant Principal Investigator and subject matter specialist), Peg Burnette (Associate Professor, University Library & Carle Illinois College of Medicine; Subgrant Coordinator and librarian), Dr. Wessam Ibrahim (Assistant Professor, Carle Illinois College of Medicine; subject matter specialist), Dr. Olivia Coiado (Associate Professor, Carle Illinois College of Medicine and Bioengineering; subject matter specialist), Dr. Judith Thorn (Associate Dean for Curriculum and Assessment and Professor of Biology at Knox College; subject matter specialist), Dr. Imanni Sheppard, Assistant Professor, Co-Director of the Bioethics and Medical Humanities Thread), Dr. Valerie Jennings (OB Hospitalist, Program Director, Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency, Carle Health, Carle Illinois College of Medicine), Dr. Sol Roberts-Lieb (Teaching Assistant Professor, Carle Illinois College of Medicine; 3D-printing coordinator), Janet Sinn-Hanlon (Medical Illustrator, 3D Modeler, University of Illinois, College of Veterinary Medicine, iLearning), Sara Benson (Associate Professor, Scholarly Communication and Publishing, University Library; copyright coordinator), Emily Forbes (Instructional Designer, Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning, UIUC), Ann Fredricksen (Disability Specialist Coordinator of Accessible Media Services; accessibility coordinator), and Michael Joseph (Assistant Librarian for Research and Instruction, Knox College; proofreader).

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