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Modeling age of exposure in L2 learning of vowel categories

Clayards, M. & Toscano, J. C. (2010, August). Poster presented at the 32nd Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society. Portland, OR.

Abstract: Age of exposure is known to be an important indicator of second language proficiency. Native-like phonological proficiency is attained only by learners exposed at the earliest ages. This paper examines one account of age-of-exposure effects... Read more →

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Simulating individual differences in language ability and genetic differences in FOXP2 using a neural network model of the SRT task

Toscano, J. C., Mueller, K. L, McMurray, B., & Tomblin, J. B. (2010). In S. Ohlsson & R. Catrambone, Proceedings of the 32nd Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (pp. 2230-2235). Austin, TX: Cognitive Science Society.

Abstract: Recent work has shown that individual differences in language development are related to differences in procedural learning, as measured by the serial reaction time (SRT) task... Read more →

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Cue Integration With Categories: Weighting Acoustic Cues in Speech Using Unsupervised Learning and Distributional Statistics

Toscano, J. C., & McMurray, B. (2010). Cognitive Science, 34, 434-464.

Abstract: During speech perception, listeners make judgments about the phonological category of sounds by taking advantage of multiple acoustic cues for each phonological contrast. Perceptual experiments have shown that listeners weight these cues differently. How do listeners weight and combine acoustic cues to arrive at an overall estimate of the category for a speech sound?.. Read more →

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Something old and something new

Word learning as the interaction of statistical association and dynamic competition

McMurray, B., Apfelbaum, K. S., Toscano, J. C., & Samuelson, L. K. (2010, March). Paper presented at the 2010 International Conference on Infant Studies, Baltimore, MD.


Research on word learning is riddled with meta-theoretical claims about the difficulty of the problem–the amount of ambiguity; the rate of acquisition; non-obvious or conceptual information sources—that point toward specialized mechanisms attuned for lexical development... Read more →

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Online processing of acoustic cues in speech perception

Comparing statistical and neural network models

Toscano, J. C. & McMurray, B. (2008, November). Poster presented at the 156th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, Miami, FL.

PDF of poster.. Read more →

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Towards an integration of connectionist learning and dynamical systems processing: Case studies in speech and lexical development

McMurray, B., Horst, J., Toscano, J. C., & Samuelson, L. K. (2009). In J. P. Spencer, M. Thomas, & J. McClelland (Eds.), Toward a Unified Theory of Development: Connectionism and Dynamic Systems Theory Re-Considered. Oxford University Press.

Abstract: This chapter describes model of the development of simple analogical reasoning and shows how the model accounts for seven characteristics of children’s developing abilities to reason analogically... Read more →

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