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Computing the reliability of acoustic information in speech

Invited talk presented at the Dept. of Linguistics, Northwestern University, May 2013.

Abstract: Many researchers have observed that speech sounds vary considerably across different contexts, an issue known as the lack of invariance. Given this variability, how much information is conveyed by individual acoustic cues? That is, how reliably do specific cues distinguish phonological contrasts?.. Read more →

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Combining cues to recognize speech

Acoustic measurements of phonetic cues to word-medial voicing

Toscano, J. C., & McMurray, B. (2012, November). Poster presented at the 53rd Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society, Minneapolis, MN.

Abstract: A great deal of work in speech has argued that invariant acoustic cues do not exist, leading many researchers to conclude that listeners use specialized representations, such as talkers’ inferred gestures, instead... Read more →

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Cue Integration With Categories: Weighting Acoustic Cues in Speech Using Unsupervised Learning and Distributional Statistics

Toscano, J. C., & McMurray, B. (2010). Cognitive Science, 34, 434-464.

Abstract: During speech perception, listeners make judgments about the phonological category of sounds by taking advantage of multiple acoustic cues for each phonological contrast. Perceptual experiments have shown that listeners weight these cues differently. How do listeners weight and combine acoustic cues to arrive at an overall estimate of the category for a speech sound?.. Read more →

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Online processing of acoustic cues in speech perception

Comparing statistical and neural network models

Toscano, J. C. & McMurray, B. (2008, November). Poster presented at the 156th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, Miami, FL.

PDF of poster.. Read more →

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Using the distributional statistics of speech sounds for weighting and integrating acoustic cues

Toscano, J. C. & McMurray, B. (2008). In B. C. Love, K. McRae, & V. M. Sloutsky (Eds.), Proceedings of the 30th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (pp. 433-438). Austin, TX: Cognitive Science Society.

Abstract: A great deal of behavioral evidence suggests that infants can use distributional statistics to learn speech sound categories. .. Read more →

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Integrating acoustic cues to phonetic features

A computational approach to cue weighting

Toscano, J. C. and McMurray, B. (2007, October). Poster presented at Where Do Features Come From? Phonological Primitives in the Brain, the Mouth, and the Ear. Paris, France.


A central issue in phonology and speech perception is the relationship between acoustic cues in the speech signal and the features they correspond to... Read more →

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