2 Consecutive Levels Rule

An individual may only dance in up to 2 consecutive levels in each style. Levels: Newcomer, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Novice, Pre-Champ, Champ. Styles: American Smooth, International Standard, American Rhythm, and International Latin.

Syllabus Paso Doble and Bolero

Paso Doble and Bolero are offered as “Syllabus” dances. Any ability level is welcome, as long as only syllabus steps are used.

Newcomer Policy

A newcomer competitor will be defined as two competitors who have been dancing no more than 12 months OR a dancer dancing the opposite of their usual role at a level no higher than silver paired with a dancer who has been dancing less than 12 months. We ask competitors to police themselves on this rule, but we also reserve the right to check registrations to ensure they are in compliance.

Role Switching Policy

In the special case of a dancer who switches roles between leading and following, the two consecutive levels rule is slightly altered. A dancer is still limited to dancing no more than two levels total in each style, but he or she may lead or follow (whichever is not their usual role) at a level up to two levels lower than the level at which he or she is leading or following (whichever is their usual role). For example, a follow at the silver level is eligible to lead newcomer or bronze, and a lead at the gold level is eligible to follow bronze or silver.

Costume Policy

We suggest following the USA Dance dress code. While we will not be enforcing dress code at our competition, please do not dress in a manner which gives you an unfair advantage for your level. We will do our best to give a costume change break between Gold and Novice, for those of you competing in both of those 2 consecutive levels.