Competitive Events


What is 10-dance?
10-dance is all 10 International Standard and Latin dances, judged as one event. It is different from the way you normally compete in that the events are run in marathon fashion, with a costume change.

Who is allowed to register?
This event is intended for dancers competing in gold and open levels (novice, pre-champ, champ). THIS IS NOT A SYLLABUS EVENT in the same sense as syllabus paso, bolero, or Viennese. We love all of our competitors, but want to limit this event to gold and up only – please join us for our other syllabus dances (paso, bolero, Viennese), team match, fun dances, and more!

Are there still gold and open events? Do I have to do both?
Separate gold and open events will still be run as usual. You do not have to do the regular events if you dance 10-dance or visa versa.

Will you be holding a 9 dance?
We do not plan on holding a 9 dance event at this time. As the 10 dance is a new event for us, we’d like to give it a go on a small scale first. However, 9 dance ribbons may be awarded based on aggregated results from the “normal” Smooth and Rhythm events


Events Offered

The following table shows the competitive events which will be offered at the Illini Dancesport Invitational. The table shows which dances will be offered in which style and which level. For example, Bronze Latin is CR/S/J which means that Cha-cha and Rumba are offered as a 2-dance event whereas each of Samba and Jive are offered as 1-dance events. Paso Doble and Bolero are offered being as “Syllabus” dances. Any ability level is welcome, as long as only syllabus steps are used.

 SmoothStandardRhythmLatin10 Dance
SyllabusBoleroPaso Doble


Team Match

There will be a team match between standard and rhythm. Teams of four couples can register the day of the competition. The team dance is just for fun, so if one four-couple team is not enough to accommodate all of those interested on your dance team, feel free to split into two teams for the team dance. The international team dance will include WSFR; the American team dance will include WCTS.

Fun Dances

Throughout the day we will be offering an assortment of fun dances (same-sex rumba, etc). No registration will be necessary for these events. Join in the fun!